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  “童某愚昧,還請黎大人明示。”童百泉說。   中年人一听這名字,立刻轉過身來。這人背頭梳得一絲不苟,嘴唇薄得像兩枚刀片,臉倒是很胖,不過不見一絲皺紋,下過工夫保養。他先深深地打量了我一下,然後坐回到辦公桌前,把剪刀放回抽屜,又拿起眼鏡布擦了擦眼鏡,晾了我足足兩分鐘,才冷笑著說︰“我當是誰呢,原來是許大名人。你來我這兒,是又發現什麼假貨啦?”caopeng超碰在线视频   我一臉無辜地看著他︰“很簡單啊。你的秘書進門送畫的時候,右手一把抱起四卷,而左手只握著一卷,而且沒握實,怕傷到畫心。我想這位稱職的秘書,肯定會對真跡格外小心保護吧。”一本道久久综合久久88视频   童百泉把聲音降下來說︰“邢郎中。”   徐行師听到師傅教訓,臉微微一紅道︰“是,師尊教導得極是。”一本道无码在线av观看成人a片   “哼,你還好意思說!早知道你會在報紙上弄出那麼大動靜來,我應該多收你十倍才對。”圖書館恨恨道,又對著話筒道,“我就是這個價,不願意你找別人去。”
Archive PickStephenson’s ‘Rocket’ Wins at the Rainhill Trials
8 October marks the 190th Anniversary of George Stephenson’s locomotive ‘Rocket’ winning at the Rainhill Trials.
Archive PickThe Second Boer War
11 October marks the 120th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Second Boer War. These remarkable early films capture the conflict, alongside others which look to later remembrance events and ceremonies.
Archive PickThe Brighton Hotel Bombing
12 October marks the 35th Anniversary of the Brighton Hotel Bombing, an attempt by the IRA to kill Margaret Thatcher. Though she narrowly escaped the blast, five people were killed. These films look back at the attack and its aftermath.
Archive PickHMS Royal Oak is Sunk
14 October marks the 80th Anniversary of the sinking of the HMS Royal Oak, during World War Two. Its loss had a negative impact on British morale, as the German Navy was seen as capable of bringing the war to British home waters, where its ports had been considered safe.
Archive PickVietnam Moratorium Day
15 October marks the 50th Anniversary of the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam, or Vietnam Moratorium Day, a massive demonstration and teach-in held to protest against the Vietnam War. A second protest occurred on 15 November, 1969.
Archive PickThe First Luftwaffe Raid on Britain
16 October marks the 80th Anniversary of the first Luftwaffe raid on Britain, during World War Two. RAF Squadron 603 was scrambled to intercept, becoming the first to pilot Spitfires against a German air raid, and shooting down a bomber in the Firth of Forth.
Archive PickMother Teresa is Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
17 October marks the 40th Anniversary of Mother Teresa being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for her work directed towards ending human suffering. These films look back at her receipt of the award and her life.
Archive PickThe British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is Founded
On 18 October 1922, the British Broadcasting Company (later Corporation) – the BBC – was founded by a consortium. These films look back at BBC Television Centre across the last century.
Archive PickUS Forces Land in the Philippines
20 October marks the 75th Anniversary of US Forces landing on the island of Leyte in the Philippines, beginning the Philippines Campaign during World War Two. The US successfully defeated and expelled the Japanese Army from the islands, who had occupied them during the first half of 1942.
Archive PickAachen Falls to the Allies
21 October marks the 75th Anniversary of the German city of Aachen falling to Allied forces, during World War Two. It was the first city on German soil to be captured by the Allies. Take a look back at the battle for the city here.
Archive PickEdison Applies for a Patent for the Light Bulb
21 October also marks the 140th Anniversary of Thomas Edison applying for a patent for his design of an incandescent light bulb. This collection looks back at his life, and includes some of the earliest content in our archive!

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